Here you can read testimonials (or as I call them, "love stories") from other mamas. My goal as a birth doula is to "define birth together" with my clients. Over the course of my time with each mom, we wrestle through the questions, "What does birth mean to you?" and "What do you want your birth to look like?". Through practical knowledge, lots of conversation and hopeful perspectives, I serve each family on their journey to meeting their baby, whatever that looks like. On this page mamas share their story and what birth means to them now.


We were so blessed to have Emily as our birth doula! She was very knowledgable about birth and pregnancy. She gave us lots of resources to learn about birth, which made us feel empowered and educated to make the best decision for me and our baby. I had rough prodromal labor and Emily went above and beyond, and even went with us to the first hospital visit where I was sadly sent back home. Oops! It was rough on me mentally and physically, and she helped my husband and I by encouraging us as well as giving us suggestions to help get through it. When the “real deal” labor started she was a huge help in assisting my husband be there for me and help me through labor. She was an amazing cheerleader and played a big factor in us having the birth that we desired! We wish we still lived in the Richmond area so that she could be a part of the births of our future children as well! So thankful that we chose her to be our doula!

- Jessi and Jason Harrop

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Holding your newborn baby makes you realize that a piece of your heart was missing and you didn't know. For the first time, you feel whole. My husband and I were looking for a doula to help us with the birth of our first child. We met with a few candidates but we clicked with Emily right away. She was always prepared and had great answers to our questions. I didn't get to labor at home like I had hoped but Emily answered when I called close to midnight. She packed her bags and said she would be waiting for my call to come to the hospital. Once I hit active labor, things moved more quickly than we expected. I was already pushing in the shower when she got there but she checked on me right away. When it was time for me to move to the bed, I walked out of the bathroom and there was calm music and low lighting. She had warm compresses and helped direct my husband where to push to offset the pain. She took pictures of us throughout the process and I have come to cherish them. A lot is happening in the moments leading up to birth and I'm glad Emily was a part of that.

-Jessie and Tommy Maurer


"My only regret is not hiring Emily sooner. She has so much knowledge of the birth experience and the time surrounding it (prenatal and post-partum) and is willing to educate and empower you with this knowledge. In hiring a doula, my husband wanted someone who wouldn’t take his place but help him help me. Emily did exactly that. She gave me constant support through my birth exactly the way we needed it and my husband felt equipped to support me in ways only he could. She suggested different positions for laboring and worked so well with my midwife and nurses at the hospital (she was so good, one of the nurses asked for her business card for herself!). She came prepared with things like essential oils and rags for hot compresses. Both my husband and I feel incredibly blessed to have Emily present for the birth of our rainbow baby!"

-Jerri Ann and Kevin Mills


“The most important parts of birth aren't always during, but afterwards. Emily was the best doula I could have asked for. Even though I had my mother with me and her help, having Emily there too made it so special. No one knew I would be having my sweet Arrow so quickly, so when I called Emily at 3 AM she was quick to answer and happy to help. She advised I call my midwife to see what she thought since I was pretty coherent at the time. No one expected Arrow to come an hour later so when I relayed the message from my midwife to Emily to lay back down and try to relax, Emily still got up and began to pack her bags to make the long drive to my house. When things started flying, my mother called Emily and told her the baby was coming NOW! Emily made it as fast as she could but both her and the midwives didn't make it quite in time! But, as soon as Emily got there she was the most faithful servant and stood by my side the whole day doing anything and everything she could for me. I never expected that, going into it, I just wanted my friend there whom I trusted and agreed with on lots of various subjects. But the help she provided me with was a true gift. She made sure I was hydrated and eating, made sure I was comfortable and baby was nursing well. She prepared my herbal bath (that she brought me!!) and helped me in and out of the tub. Truly, she was part of the birth. Since my husband was away it was so special to have my friend there with me but even more so because she helped me get through the healing process. I’ve admired her knowledge for so long in the whole birthing process, pregnancy and after care and that's why when I asked her to be my doula I knew she was the perfect person for the job. I'm so happy and thankful I had Emily there.”

-Cassidy Dinnison

“I cannot sum up the affect you’ve had requiring so drastic a change. With twisting and bending and softening and sweating, body, soul, spirit rearranged. Nothing, nothing, nothing the same. But I suspect with time and use I’ll discover I’m fitting myself better anyways.” -Kalley Helliganthal