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  • Free Cup of Coffee on Me: For us to get to know each other! This meeting is for me to gain a better understanding of you, your pregnancy, your family and if I am a good fit for your situation.

  • Two Prenatal Visits: These meetings are for us to get acquainted. I get to know how I can best support you on your journey into motherhood. What expectations do you have for me? We will discuss previous births, pregnancies, hopes and fears, desires and priorities. We will discuss your birth plan and wishes and can write them together.

  • Folder of Infographics: After hiring me, I will bring a folder to our first prenatal visit full of educational, beautifully illustrated, birth related infographics for you to keep! They will help us begin having conversations about what you desire your birth to look like. 

  • Information and Resources: Articles, books you may borrow from me and a list of local support people (postpartum doulas, lactation consultants, chiropractors, herbalists).

  • 24/7 Support: I am available by phone or email throughout the duration of your pregnancy to answer any questions or concerns you have until you go into labor.

  • Labor Support: I am “on call” 2 weeks before your due date and 2 weeks after your due date. I will be available as early in labor as you need me and will meet you in your home or the birth place of your choosing (hospital or birth center) and from there will be supporting, encouraging, and cheering you on!

  • Immediate Postpartum Support: For up to two hours after baby is born, I will help and encourage family bonding, skin to skin, breastfeeding and any newborn wishes you may have in your birth plan. The day after baby is born, I can come by the hospital to check in on mom and baby if you desire.

  • Free Postpartum Herbal Bath: My gift to you! I will leave you with a satchel full of herbs to take home with you. You can steep it (like tea) in a bathtub and hop in to relax. These herbs have healing properties and will aid your healing process after birth. 

  • One Postpartum Visit: Within one week after baby is born. I can answer any questions you have concerning life with a newborn and we can discuss your birth experience.

The birth package is $600.

Lactation Support


After obtaining my certification from ALPP, I am now offering in-home lactation support and one hour consults.

Please contact me for rates.

“Birth is not only about making babies. Birth is about making mothers—strong, competent, capable mothers who trust themselves and know their inner strength.”
-Barbara Katz Rothman